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Birth is a process. Birth is normal. Birth is political. Birth is beautiful.

Why Bread and Roses?


The phrase ‘bread and roses’ comes from a 1912 textile strike in which Rose Schneiderman said “The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too.” This phrase has been used for over a century by feminists and activists, meaning that we want our sustenance but we also want beauty and we want both without compromise.

Midwifery is the fight for autonomy over normal life processes, specifically during the childbearing years. The universal midwifery tradition is to build practices based on reciprocity, continuity of care, consent, and support. Midwives work to maintain natural life cycles through community-based knowledge and love. We labor for access to safer options and better outcomes with self determination over our own bodies and communities. We take a holistic view of family through a social context, and work to create open and dynamic spaces and roles for ourselves and each other. This must include continuing education, expertise in counseling, and playing supportive roles during normal, healthy, and safe childbirth experiences.

This is the struggle of midwifery.

“Yes, it is bread we fight for, but we fight for roses too.”

Meet the Midwife

Hi! I’m Sarah Michelson, a St. Louis native with a rich history of fighting for reproductive justice, human rights, and labor rights.

I live with my partner, E.J. and puppy, Coco in South City. I enjoy attending concerts, creating herbal products, and studying midwifery.

I attended Case Western Reserve University from 2008-2009 and then transferred my studies to University of Missouri- St. Louis for the duration of my undergraduate career, through May of 2012. I graduated with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Political Science and Certificate of Women and Gender Studies.

Sarah’s Midwifery Experience:
I am a  Direct Entry Midwife. I graduated from Maternidad La Luz’s MEAC-accredited one year midwifery program in March of 2014. I have attended over 100 births and over 30 births as primary. I am a member of Midwives Alliance of North America, Friends of Missouri Midwives, and the Missouri Midwives St. Louis study group.

I also work with Confluence Midwifery Center. I maintain professional relationships with both Linsey Kornya, CPM and Susan Mickey, CPM.